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Art at Hurdalsjøen Hotell

On the occasion of Hurdalsjøen Hotell’s 50th anniversary, a sculpture park was opened in August 2019. The theme of the park is “diversity”. Thus it will contain both established and unestablished artists.

Nico Widerberg’s “Wreath” came into place in the birch grove in the middle of the sculpture park for the hotel’s 50th anniversary in 2019.
The sculpture is in granite with a wreath of copper …

Nico Widerberg’s “The Wave” can be found in the south end of the sculpture park, overlooking Lake Hurdal. The sculpture is in bronze and came into place on the occasion of the hotel’s 50th anniversary in 2019

Sverre Bjertnæs geometric sculpture became part of the hotel’s sculpture park in September 2019. The sculpture can be found  in front og the hotel, to the right of the main entrance.

Ole Martin Skaug has made “The Dam Keeper” in ceramics and steel. The sculpture was part of the exhibition at the sculpture park’s opening in 2019.

“Norwegian Rat Pinscher” is one of Ole Martin Skaug’s signature creatures. For the safety of our guest, it is placed in a steel cage.

Relief by Jørleif Uthaug (1911-1990), on the wall, under a glass roof in the hotel lobby.

Henrik Gjerstad has made “Fragment in motion” in steel. Henrik Gjerstad is currently studying architecture in Copenhagen.

“The pianist has gone home” is the name of this work by CEO Pål Gjerstad. The hotel’s old piano has been given eternal life by spaying it with concrete. The bench also shows Gjerstad’s abilities as a metalworker.

Josef Yohannes is the creator of “Urban Legend”. Along Hotel’s walkway, in the forest, one can see a cartoon made for the Norwegian Constitution anniversary in 2014.

Ole Martin Skaug’s “Flying dogs” can be found in the pine trees on the front of the hotel.

“Swinger” by Ole Martin Skaug enjoys himself in the birch. It can be found by the southernmost of the two saunas on the shores of Lake Hurdal.