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Beaver safari

Beaver safari


Beaver (Castor Fiber) is a fascinating animal. This rodent builds dams and caves in the riverbank. Many have a relationship with the animal through film and literature for children, but few have set it with their own eyes.


At Hurdalsjøen Hotell we arrange guided tours in order to observe the beaver more closely. It all starts in the low tide with a small lecture and continues up the river by canoe or kayak. The beaver is most active in the morning and evening. Period: May-September Price: 500, – per hour. Short trip Fertilizer Eater (2 hours) This river ends at Hurdalsjøen Hotell. Long trip: Hurdal River (4 hours) This river ends at the north end of Lake Hurdal. Here you can ride a boat or bus before the paddle tour starts.